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you have robbed me of the solace of nature

the trees speak of your absence

while the sky hints at something more

everything is better

when i feel your warmth

but nothing can fill the void

when i am left wondering

how am i to survive in a universe

where your Love is not guaranteed

what peace can i find when

something i did or said or felt

perhaps even something i don’t remember

has led you to reconsider and pull away

i cannot even bear the thought

i die inside

over and over again

in the presence of just the idea

so what would i do

if ever faced with that reality

i have no strength

no beauty

no wealth

nothing smart or funny to say

i am desperate and needy

clinging to you

eternally and always

no where to which i can turn

no thing that could help

there is no getting over you


so hope is my destiny

because what fear whispers in my heart

is too terrifying to ponder regularly

for even my life would not be mine to take

falsely believing i could end my own suffering

instead, i would remain

my heart breaking

forever, without end, forever

save me.

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