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In this second video, I discuss the concepts of taklīf and taqwā and their foundational role in our spiritual life. The upcoming fast of the month of Ramadan is highlighted as a practical example of the reality we are trying to understand and embody.


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Yesterday two friends who I love for the sake of Allah each encouraged me to return to a more public teaching role. In response to their request, I have decided to start a video series on spirituality that I hope has the same ethos of the writing on A Mercy Case: free, available globally, honest and personal.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize how influential videos are in global religious discourse. Increasingly, people do not like to read much. As such, I hope that these videos will be a complement to my writings. May Allah accept it and put benefit in it, ameen ya Nafi’.

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for You

You need nothing

and yet

let me offer this to You

Creator of my soul

Provider of my consciousness

Giver of a promise to all


i cannot even fathom what lays hidden

but what i have heard and seen and felt

is already so beyond words


so let my gratitude flow through these words

using what You have given me for Your sake

to glorify You to the extent that You have opened my heart

to understand You


only You know Yourself truly

for us the approach has no end

so bless my works in this short life

for how can i claim anything

when i did not create my hands or my mouth or my mind




forever You

always You

never me


have mercy on David

for he is who You chose me to be

and were i to thank You

with every breath remaining in my time on earth

it would not even approximate

the reality of Your Generosity


يا كريم

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