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after hours

i burned all the letters i wrote to You

the ones that i tried so hard to make perfect

thinking i could manipulate You into loving me

instead i got drunk while missing You

and like a fool began banging on Your door and screaming out Your name

driven by the depth of agony in my heart

at the thought of living another moment

without You

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with you

i was trying to think of what i wanted to say to you

after 10 years

and i thought about all the romantic songs and passionate poems

the documentation of love in human history

and i realized that none have ever spoken to me about you


in all the records of man

i have yet to find an expression of loving a woman the way i love you

because you are written into me

and i into you

in a way that earthly words seem unable to reveal

even these


God wrote us before the world was

and every day we discover together

the story of God


just yesterday

as i watched you play with our son in your arms

i thought to myself

– in a scene that was waiting aeons to be discovered –

no man has ever been blessed

the way i have been blessed

with you


i love you Sumaiya

happy 10th anniversary


ما شاء الله لا قوة إلا بالله

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