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Insha’Allah my son will be born in a few weeks. It makes me sad that he will not meet his maternal grandparents (Nanajaan and Nanijaan in Urdu). But I can visit them in my heart and recite al-Fatiha for them, and I ask you to do so as well. May they meet in the highest garden of Jannah, ameen. It is a Thursday night here in New York City, and they are buried in Chicago. May we all find contentment in Allah’s Decree.

Imam al-Qurtubī mentions as a weak opinion that the souls visit their graves on every Friday, and that is why visiting graves on the eve of Friday and on Friday is recommended. It is mentioned in the commentary of `Umdat al-Sālik that the sprit’s connection with the grave is never severed, and it is stronger from `Asr on Thursday until sunrise on Saturday, which is why people often visit graves on Thursday afternoon and Friday. [taken from Seekers Guidance]





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